Time for a New Appearance

Corporate logotype

Silver instead of blue. With the new corporate design, Daimler AG positions itself in the new silver look. However, there is much more behind the visual identity than just a change of color.

In November 2014, the Daimler Board of Management made a decision: The corporate design will be modernized. With a silver image, the Daimler umbrella brand draws closer to Mercedes-Benz. The new corporate aesthetic shows what the company stands for: high-tech, innovation and elegance.
Here, Andreas Dahms discusses why and how the Group’s appearance was modified, and how long the process took to complete. Mr. Dahms is the Head of Daimler’s Corporate PR & Corporate Design department.

A. Dahms
Andreas Dahms, Head of Daimler's Corporate PR & Corporate Design department.

Mr. Dahms, what was the motivation for Daimler to change its corporate design?

Dahms: The new corporate design more clearly emphasizes the company’s premium branding. With modern concepts of connectivity, as well as autonomous driving, Daimler is a pioneer of tomorrow’s mobility. The corporate brand should also express this through its appearance.

Which key elements have been modified?

Dahms: In the future, silver will be used as the dominant color. Previously, blue and white were used in this role.
From now on, Daimler’s word mark will appear in high-gloss chrome on a brushed-silver aluminum field. The logo will remain formally unchanged. The new color scheme has been considerably reduced. It now conveys a calmer and more elegant overall impression.

The print media, e.g. brochures, attracts particular attention. For these, we have employed high-quality imprinted aluminum fields, in which a special silver color with underlaid brushing will be used. An embossed corporate logotype will complete the look.

In order for the desired premium effect to be achieved in communications media and events, we exercise special care in the handling of the color silver. In the future, this will also require higher production costs to be accepted.

Farbwelt Schaubild
The color scheme has been considerably reduced, as shown. The colors are Light Grey, Petrol and Deep Red.

What kind of associations does the new corporate design evoke?

Dahms: The new silver look of Daimler stands for modernity, high quality and elegance, thus also visually conveying our leadership aspirations as an innovative company. The combination of the silver corporate logotype on the silver-brushed field establishes an artistic independence of the corporate brand that is unrivaled in the market. With this innovative and consistent brand design, Daimler also achieves its leadership aspirations with the corporate design.

It is also a matter of tradition. The color silver has a special meaning within the Group: Notable examples include the iconic “Silver Arrows” as well as the use of aluminum and chrome decoration in vehicle design, for cars as well as for trucks, buses and vans.

How long did it take to develop the concept for the new design?

Dahms: The development of the new corporate design/corporate identity was carried out in two phases and took roughly one year. First, the Board of Management issued instructions to modernize the corporate design with the color silver as its basis. We presented the new look as a prototype for the first time at the General Shareholders’ Meeting and in the annual report in April 2015. The feedback from shareholders at that time was very positive.

In the second phase, we planned the worldwide use of the design in the Daimler Group and adapted it for use in all applications. The months of April through November 2015 were dedicated to the full elaboration of the project.

Shareholders' Meeting
First presentation of the new corporate design at the General Shareholders' Meeting in April 2015.
Jan 20, 2016
Verena Bonath