TEChnological Head Start


Daimler's top managers from Procurement and Engineering in the commercial vehicles area and high-ranking representatives from the same areas at Mahle. Both met for a TEC Day at the end of July. The goal: enabling an early dialog on new technologies. The event venue was the Mahle Forum in Stuttgart-Feuerbach.

The Mahle TEC Day was held under the motto “Early Access to Innovation.” After seven years, Daimler met with the system specialist for powertrain and thermal management again during the TEC Day. The managers of the major supply partner were able to personally discuss new technologies and the next strategic steps with representatives of Daimler Management from the Commercial Vehicles Division.

Top Management of both sides discuss the newest technologies and system solutions.

Know what is in demand earlier

At the start of the meeting, Mahle gave a “Sneak Preview” of the system solutions it will be showing at the International Motor Show (IAA) this year. A glimpse into the latest technologies; ranging from engine systems and components to filtration and thermal management. The focus was on combustion engines as well as electric vehicles. Wolf-Henning Scheider, CEO of Mahle, and Sven Ennerst, Head of Truck Product Engineering and Global Procurement at Daimler, opened the discussions.

In technical presentations, the managers of both sides looked at common future topics. Fine details of mechatronics and the powertrain were discussed. In addition, both sides agreed: The electrification of the entire vehicle is playing an increasingly important role. Just in the same week Mercedes-Benz Trucks presented world’s first fully electric truck for heavy distribution haulage. The top managers of the companies also engaged in a strategic dialog in private. A privilege reserved exclusively for Strategic Partners.

Great performance pays off

Suppliers of Mahle’s size are not the only ones who can climb to the top of the DSN Pyramid. Every supplier who convinces with its quality, logistics, costs, and technology can become a Strategic Partner. Daimler evaluates the fulfillment level once per year and classifies its suppliers into the DSN segments. The respective status is determined with the help of this classification. The TEC Day provides a platform for selected Strategic Partners and Key Suppliers. In addition, regular Supplier Forums and “Market Places” that are open for all suppliers are organized. Key Suppliers and Strategic Partners who stand out with their excellence during a given year have a chance of being honored with the Daimler Supplier Award.

The Daimler Supplier Network Pyramid.

Joint work, joint success

Mahle and Daimler are connected by a long-standing partnership. The TEC Day gave both companies the opportunity to take a look into the future in order to drive forward with innovations together. Their relationship is characterized by trust and extraordinary commitment. The elaborate organization of the Mahle TEC Day further attests to the excellent collaboration which brings the two companies forward as partners.

daimler-supplier-mahle tec-day-franz-ennerst-scheider-schoenenberg-emperhoff
For the Strategic Dialog the Top Management joined (f.l.t.r.): Arnd Franz (Member of Management Board Mahle Group), Sven Ennerst (Head of Truck Product Engineering and Global Procurement Daimler AG), Wolf-Henning Scheider (CEO Mahle Group), Dr. Marcus Schoenenberg (Head of Global Procurement Trucks & Buses Daimler AG), and Wilhelm Emperhoff (Member of the Management Board Mahle Group).
Jul 29, 2016
Catharina Kohnen