Werkzeugbau Laichingen brings ideas into shape


Werkzeugbau Laichingen GmbH has been delivering top quality for decades. As an important partner in the field of pressing tools, the Swabian company helps to reduce development times with increasing complexity. For their work, they were honored with the 2017 Daimler Supplier Award.

The unmistakable shape of a Mercedes-Benz requires numerous pressed parts that must meet highest standards. Innovative methods in development and production make it possible to get the model offensive of Daimler AG on the streets on schedule.


Daimler has worked with Werkzeugbau Laichingen GmbH for decades. Regionally rooted in the contemplative Alb-Donau-Kreis regional district, the company plays internationally in the first league. Multi-ton pressing tools are produced in the production hall of the medium-sized company. For their usage in the Daimler plants, Werkzeugbau Laichingen produces highly complex pressed parts for the body shell.


Around 100 employees work hard to create the best: The prestigious order for Mercedes-Benz S-Class production was secured again in a contested international competition. Only tiny tolerances are allowed for the complex aluminum parts, which emphasize the look and style of the vehicle.

State-of-the-art machinery ensures short throughput times and precise tool elements.

and the winner is…

Werkzeugbau Laichingen offers a service throughout all process steps – from component development and method planning through to series production. In doing so, Werkzeugbau Laichingen is using state of the art simulation and design software.


For example, Werkzeugbau Laichingen simulates all drawing operations on a computer. This allows for an accurate prediction of material thinning and wrinkling of the material. In this way, possible risks for series production are already visible at an early stage. In production, milling machines of the latest generation set standards when it comes to precision. In addition, optical and tactile measuring machines support the quality assurance process from the CAD model to final inspection.


The high technical level is essential in times when the lead time of the production of new model series is getting shorter and shorter. In addition, unexpected situations can result in emergency situations at any time. In these cases, the tool specialist has repeatedly proven to be a reliable partner, providing time-critical top quality so that production can start on time.
Daimler Purchasing honored the tool specialists with the Daimler Supplier Award for these outstanding achievements in February 2018. As one of a total of ten winners, Werkzeugbau Laichingen was honored in the category of “Quality”. In front of distinguished guests from the supplier industry, Daimler chairmen and purchasing managers awarded the prizes.

High-precision and state-of-the-art equipment is used to manufacture the parts for the body shell construction of our vehicles. This not only enables shorter product development times, but also the increasing product complexity to be mastered successfully.

Andreas Burkhart, Head of International Procurement Services (IPS)

Daimler AG Daimler Supplier Award 2018
Andreas Burkhart, Head of International Purchasing Services (left) and Wilfried Porth, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG for Personnel and Labor Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans (right), congratulate CEO Uwe Born of Werkzeugbau Laichingen.

Tradition and innovation

The motto of the 2017 Daimler Supplier Award was “Enter the Next Chapter”. Daimler is steadily expanding its leadership role in the mobility of the future by investing and developing its corporate culture.


Werkzeugbau Laichingen is also staying true to the founding maxim after 125 years: “High quality tools – made by people for people”. The company consistently invests in state-of-the-art machinery as well as in the next generation of skilled workers. The construction of a new hall for mechanical production is already in full swing.