What’s New, DTNA?


Flying high in 2015, it is now all about holding altitude at DTNA. They are headed in the right direction. Moreover, the new headquarters, which are also home to DTNA Procurement, prove to be an excellent development to strengthen work ethics and supplier relations.

As one of the core markets for Daimler Trucks, the NAFTA region is a vital factor to success: with the two strong brands Freightliner and Western Star, the Daimler AG leads in the medium and heavy duty class (class 6-8) with a 43,5 percent (Q1 2016) market share. Another redeeming feature at DTNA: the new headquarters opened in April; a good reason to take a closer look.

The newly set-up DTNA headquarter building and campus.

New ways of office space

A radiant, state of the art building stands out at the scenic location right by the Willamette River in Portland. Harmonic and sustainable. It is a statement of progress. An environment that promotes a better working atmosphere for employees and visiting suppliers. The advantages of the new headquarters express themselves in the new setup of working and recreational areas. An interesting combination of open space environments make the workplace more appealing. To have a direct and more efficient interaction with your colleagues, some offices have a bullpen feeling to them, other workspaces are closed off. Another interesting feature: the collaboration spaces with a comfortable set up to discuss and converse in a more open and approachable environment. In addition, the flagship office building ranks among the top five energy-efficient buildings and is expected to receive LEED Platinum certification.

The Procurement Side of DTNA

Some suppliers could already witness the up to date facilities during a successful two-day negotiation. Parallel sessions were held in the conference centers as well as on the riverside patio that distinguish themselves through generous spacing and high-tech equipment. Nine levels high stands the new building: the home of the majority of the Procurement Team Trucks & Buses North America is also here. The buying scopes encompass a wide range of parts that go from chassis to wheel ends. Although the location of the headquarters did not change geographically, the new headquarters are definitely worth a visit.

Still going strong

The NAFTA region’s development is considered cyclical. 2014 and 2015 were very successful years for the company. For 2016, Daimler Trucks forecasts a reduced market growth (-15 percent) in the NAFTA region and therefore, a lower turnover than in the preceding years. Despite the cooling market situation and the consequential decline in demand in the NAFTA region, Daimler Trucks still expects this year to be one of the strongest in its history.

First corporate quarter in the regional markets of Daimler Trucks.
Jun 24, 2016
Catharina Kohnen