Transparent Prices and Quotes for Purchased Parts


From July 2016, the purchasing units at Daimler and Cost Engineering will be using a simplified methodology. Using DGCalc, they will calculate purchased parts for production materials on a global basis for Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, and Vans.

Purchased parts for Mercedes-Benz Cars Procurement and Supplier Quality (MP) and Global Procurement Trucks and Buses (TP/G) will be calculated uniformly in the future. The simplified methodology of DGCalc, short for DaimlerGlobalCalculation, will be obligatory for all suppliers of production materials from July 2016.

Two documentation systems for suppliers

In future, suppliers will still be asked to submit pricing details – either in the new software tool or the adjusted Price Breakdown (PBD) Excel spreadsheet. Overhead costs and allowances for indirect costs will be simplified. For example, both raw materials and purchased parts will have a standardized material overhead rate.
Whether using or PBD, the form of documentation depends, among other things, on the part scope or the sourcing status. A decision will be made in coordination with Daimler Cost Engineering and the purchasing units.

daimler-supplier-purchased parts-graphic-price-specification-taco-pbt
The new software tool and the revised Excel version of Price Breakdown automatically apply the new methodology. Where suppliers specify their quotes depends, among other things, on the part scope or the sourcing status. is replacing the previous system “TACO supplier version” after more than ten years. From July 2016, suppliers can download the new software from the download section in the Daimler Supplier Portal. There, they will also find a manual for the tool and the DGCalc methodology. After downloading and extracting the zip file, will take only a few minutes to install.
The revised Price Breakdown is still available in MS Excel as part of the “Source Package” in the Daimler Supplier Portal. Suppliers will enter their data as usual and make that data available via the Source Package.

Progressing together

Effective immediately, DGCalc will enable Daimler and its suppliers of production materials to apply a standardized and transparent calculation methodology. The tools for the cost detailing now comply with modern software standards. This will further facilitate cost transparency. Daimler’s cost engineers and buyers are currently being trained. These contact persons will offer support upon request.

Jul 04, 2016
Janine Thiele