Technology Worth an Award

R&D 100 Award

With the NANOSLIDE® technology consumption and emissions of vehicle engines can be reduced. Together with a Strategic Partner, Daimler has industrialized the process. Meanwhile, several systems are being deployed in large-scale production worldwide.

NANOSLIDE® is an innovative thermal injection process, which is used for coating cylinder bores in aluminum car engines. It contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption, emissions and the engine weight. The process is protected by more than 90 patent families and over 40 patents. Daimler first used NANOSLIDE® in 2006 and has been developing it jointly with Heller on a continuous basis ever since. Recently, the two companies also concluded a cooperation agreement: Daimler’s Strategic Partner will further develop, produce and market the process under the name of “Heller CBC” (Cylinder Bore Coating).

From Business Innovation Project to cooperation agreement

Strategic Partners spearhead the Daimler Supplier Network (DSN). The Daimler Supplier Network supplier cooperation model relies on selective partnership. All Key Suppliers and Strategic Partners are invited to the Daimler Supplier Award every year. There Daimler honors its best supply partners for their outstanding performance in the past business year.

The idea for the cooperation comes from the Business Innovation Unit of Daimler, which also generated the ideas for car2go and Mercedes-Benz Rent. It is coordinated by the Daimler purchasing unit International Procurement Services (IPS). The competent team buys production equipment systems for engine plants. In this area, Heller is not only a partner for IPS with respect to NANOSLIDE®, but is also responsible for various metal working processes. “Heller is our Strategic Partner, and as such is characterized by exemplary process quality and reliability. With the cooperation for the industrialization of NANOSLIDE® we are advancing to a new level of collaboration”, said Britta Adolphs, who heads the Daimler team for Procurement of Powertrain Production Systems. Manfred Maier, CEO of Heller, added: “Heller has fully integrated the process, including the process steps for the preparatory and follow-up work, into the process chain for engine production. Meanwhile, several systems are being deployed in large-scale production worldwide.“

The NANOSLIDE® technology has been evolved and developed to production standard by Mercedes-Benz. NANOSLIDE® produces a perfectly smooth cylinder barrel. After the roughening of the cylinder barrels, leaving a gray surface ready to be arc-spray coated, dimensions are checked with precise measuring devices.

The NANOSLIDE® process has been used in series production at Daimler since 2005 for the V8 AMG engine. It was used in a V6 diesel engine for the first time in 2011. The rollout of NANOSLIDE® in the new V6 gasoline engine came in 2013: starting with the former E-Class and the new high-powered 4-cylinder engine for the A-Class A45 AMG and followed by additional models. With this year’s introduction of the new E-Class, the new 4-cylinder diesel engine is also celebrating its debut, for which Daimler and Heller have optimized the NANOSLIDE® process once again.


Worth an award

In February, Daimler honored Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH with the Daimler Supplier Award in the Quality Category: For the further development and industrialization of the NANOSLIDE® Technology. The process itself has already received numerous awards, such as the “Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment“, the “KS Energy and Environment Award“ and the “R&D 100 Awards”.

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Klaus Winkler, CEO Heller Group, with the Daimler Supplier Award next to Wilfried Porth, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, Human Resources and Director of Labor Relations, IT & Mercedes-Benz Vans, Dr. Sabine Lutz, Head of International Procurement Services, and presenter Judith Rakers.

Apr 07, 2016
Viktoria Brüller