Talent seeks talent

Talent seeks talent

Digitalization and networking are changing both the market and cooperation between Daimler and its external partners. You can only stay ahead if you have great ideas. This is how "Connectivity & Mobility Services" from Daimler's Procurement Material & Services started a very special kind of supplier day. Welcome to the 1st Supplier Day Connectivity & Mobility Services!

“Garage 229” stage in the automotive metropolis of Stuttgart, Germany. In the impressively restored workshop, a real startup feeling was spreading around on September 27, 2018. In the place where cars were being brought into their final shape decades ago, about 100 champions of future mobility met on the 1st Supplier Day Connectivity & Mobility Services of Daimler’s International Procurement Servcices. With the challenge of blazing the trail to the mobility of the future, the global player Daimler made contact with potential partners from the international IT scene.

As an IT procurement organization, we support the digital transformation of the company and vehicle services. We keep the pace with agile teamwork and suppliers with pioneering developments. With the motto 'Ready to Source', the aim of the 1st Supplier Day Connectivity & Mobility Services is to accelerate the onboarding of possible partners

Philip Caune, Director of IT and Asia Sales, Daimler AG

Insights: The World of Daimler Up Close

The mobility of tomorrow will come about from a combination of the future CASE fields (connected, autonomous, shared & services and electric) and in the interaction of specialist departments, procurement, and suppliers. To do that, Daimler is always searching for new innovative partners as well as paths to bring them as quickly and as early as possible into the Daimler world. The “Connectivity & Mobility Services” IT procurement team’s answer to that: this extraordinary sourcing supplier event. At the 1st Supplier Day Connectivity & Mobility Services, potential gained exclusive insights into IT procurement requirements. In addition, independent of specific tenders they were able to learn about projects from various IT sectors, such as CASE-IT for example, and get to know important contacts.

How does Daimler work as a global player? What needs to be observed when registering as a new supplier and during commissioning? During our Supplier Day, we want to answer these questions and make it easier for suppliers to gain access to Daimler. We are laying the groundwork for fast development of new innovations.

Paulo Ribeiro Monteiro, Senior Manager Procurement Connectivity and Mobility Services, Daimler AG

Networking: Suppliers, Specialist Departments, and Sales

Before the Supplier Day, an intensive market analysis was carried out where the IT buyers took the temperature of young companies and startups. After coordinating with the specialist departments, suppliers with promising ideas in the future field of digitalization were chosen and invited to Supplier Day. Forty-eight potential business partners from Spain, the UK, USA, South Korea, Sweden, Israel, Germany, and Switzerland took the invitation. Around fifty Daimler representatives converged at “Garage 229” from IT Sales and other procurement departments, the CASE-IT specialist area, the legal department, and the areas of Research and Development, Sales, and Aftersales. Procurement colleagues from China and the USA also came as guests and underscored the internationality of the event.

Suppliers, specialist areas and buyers had some intense discussions when networking. The reverse pitch gave the dialog a new twist: Potential partner companies got to know the Daimler world and were right in the middle of the action without too much preparation and the otherwise usual self-presentation.

Sandra Gutbrod, Global Commodity Manager for IT Procurement Digitalization, Daimler AG

Reverse Pitch: “Getting to Know You” Turned on Its Head

“Because the hosts and the participating divisions had already informed themselves about the potential partners, Daimler presented itself to the suppliers in a reverse pitch”, says Martin Tränka, Global Commodity Manager for IT Procurement Digitalization, Daimler AG. “In doing so, we enable our partner companies to get involved directly in the event without too much effort”. The 1st Supplier Day Connectivity & Mobility Services was mainly all about knowledge exchange and networking. The relaxed agenda included a lot of time and opportunities for personal discussions with stimulating presentations from the Procurement and Legal departments, keynotes, panel discussions, and stationary presentations from the specialist divisions.

The Supplier Day is a good example of how procurement works hand in hand with us as a specialist department and supports us very well in our search for new suppliers. Proactive approaches and the early involvement of potential partners are decisive factors in that process.

Vlado Koljibabic, Senior Manager IT CASE/EVA, Daimler AG

Blueprint: More Supplier Days are planned

And the reactions? Thoroughly impressed – many expectations were even exceeded! “Garage 229” provided the ideal, inspiring atmosphere where the IT buyers, specialist departments, and suppliers could get to know each other. A real win for everyone. The potential partners now know what Daimler expects from them and they can adapt to those expectation early. That means that, as new suppliers, they are also “ready to source” and are just as quick off the mark as established suppliers on calls for tender. The buyers are no longer unknown quantities for the young companies and startups, rather they are “enablers” that bring business partners together. Good reasons to use this platform in the future, too. More events have already been planned, and IT supplier days in China, in USA, and for other scopes of service are also being considered.


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Onboarding: Innovative Partners Welcome!

High-performance out-of-the-box thinkers with innovative ideas that are interested in the next Supplier Day Connectivity & Mobility Services or in cooperation in general can get in touch any time. supplier_digital_vehicle_customer@daimler.com


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