Daimler meets suppliers. Digital meets dialogue.


Light off, tilt brush on. The new Actros conjures up colorful digital stripes on the digital wall. And 300 of Daimler's supplier partners are looking spellbound at the gigantic LED video wall. Welcome to the digital dimension. Welcome to the Daimler Supplier Dialogue 2018 at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover.

Digital reality made it possible for the new Actros to emerge in virtual reality. And on the evening of September 19, 2018, two real examples of the new high-tech heavyweight Mercedes-Benz went on stage. Before that: Dancers staged what was virtually created on the LED wall in perfect sync. Virtual meets real-life. This suited the evening, which skillfully linked the created with the future.


Marcus Schoenenberg: “Software and steel. We have to do both things right at the same time.”

After the introductory thanks for what had been done so far, in his speech to the Daimler Strategic Partners and Key Suppliers, Dr. Marcus Schoenenberg illustrated how the digital fits with the tangible: “We need virtual and real power. Software and steel. We have to do both things right at the same time.” The future fields around the focal points of connected, automated and electric driving (CASE) went hand in hand with the global core business (CORE), explained the Vice President of Daimler Global Procurement Trucks & Buses. Looking towards the suppliers, he emphasized: “So we are your ideal partner for a path to take together.”


Martin Daum: “You all bring our trucks and buses to the very front.”

At the start of his speech, Martin Daum also expressed thanks for the achievements and at the same time emphasized the common: “Looking forward, two things are needed for success. First: to lead technologically. Secondly: To understand markets and customers inside and out.” These factors are part of the partnership between Daimler and its suppliers, said the Daimler board member responsible for Trucks & Buses. Turning to the audience, he summarized: “You will all bring our trucks and buses to the front in the future as well.”

“The best idea always wins”

Both board member Daum and commercial vehicle procurement vice president Schoenenberg reminded the audience in their speeches that the previous success was not a guarantee for the future:

When looking for new technologies for our products, the best idea always wins. And in the age of new competitors, it is even more important that we do not stand still, but rather face this competition. We must not compromise, because our customers cannot afford to compromise. In the end, those who offer customers the best solution for their business will win the contract.

Martin Daum, Member of the Board of Management

The future belongs to those who think and dare anew. It consolidates our position at the top. Especially for topics without decades of experience, this also means that we will work differently: Shorter innovation cycles, faster feedback, more intensive dialogue. We will constantly strive for the best.

Dr. Marcus Schoenenberg, Head of Global Procurement Trucks & Buses

“A winning combination”

The board member and the commercial vehicle procurement vice president were completely convinced that the efforts lead directly to success. Martin Daum: “Our partnership is a winning combination.” Dr. Marcus Schoenenberg: “Of this I’m sure: this alliance of Daimler and suppliers will transform the transportation industry.”


As virtually as the evening began, it continued in a tangible fashion: in many personal conversations. Daimler meets suppliers. Digital meets dialogue.


Video of the Evening’s Highlights


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