Small but Exquisite


Small, young and already very successful. Daimler Supplier Award winner Hyundam Industrial in South Korea impresses with top quality.

It is short, quickly told and nonetheless successful. The corporate history of Hyundam Industrial Co., Ltd. in South Korea. Not even 25 years have passed since the company was founded in 1992, but since this year a coveted trophy has graced the premises of the company headquarters in Asan, just under 100 kilometers to the south of Seoul: the Daimler Supplier Award in the “Quality” category. Hyundam has won the award for the highest production standards and excellent processes in the development and production of fuel pumps and fuel delivery modules. “We are very pleased to contribute to Daimler’s success and proud to receive this distinguished award,” Hyundam’s CEO Tada Genjiro says happily. “This encourages us to further improve our service and quality.”

Hyundam CEO Tada Genjiro (center) with Dieter Zetsche and Klaus Zehender.

Hyundam Industrial is not a giant supplier. More of a small but exquisite specialist. 520 employees distributed over two Korean locations and others in China, India, the USA, and Slovakia. The company also develops and produces fuel filters and components for electric motors. Hyundam has benefited from South Korea’s success in automotive production and its rise to become the world’s fifth-largest automobile nation, and this has also made the small specialist company internationally well-known. Cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Cars began in 2008. The first deliveries commenced in 2011, following a joint development phase for fuel delivery modules. Apart from top-quality production, Hyundam is particularly highly appreciated for the speed with which it responds to customer requirements. New challenges are addressed at once, and new products are rapidly brought to series production maturity. Despite the geographical distance of almost 10,000 kilometers between Germany and Hyundam’s development department in Asan, South Korea, there is continuous consultation which includes personal discussion rounds.

Production of fuel delivery modules at Hyundam.

The partnership between Hyundam and Mercedes-Benz Cars is still relatively recent. But it is not least the granting of the Daimler Supplier Award that shows the nature of this partnership. It is a long-term relationship.

Aug 01, 2016
Rasmus Muttscheller