Share your memories


Only four weeks to go. On February 28th, a voice will say "And the Daimler Supplier Award goes to…”. Then ten winners will take home the trophy. 650 participants. Four Board Members. Three procurement vice presidents. Now we need you!

In the past ten years, 90 award trophies were given to suppliers. Over 240 nominees were waiting in anticipation, asking themselves: “Will I win?” There were handshakes, smiles and sometimes tears (of joy). We want to celebrate ten years of Daimler Supplier Award with you. We want to relive the greatest moment. And that is where you come in place.

You were a participant and you have a memory to share, may it be a photo, a short movie, an anecdote of an encounter you had or something right from your heart you just want to tell us about?

Then send it to DSMO team by February 5th, 2018, and we will publish it in an article soon.*

Let’s make this Daimler Supplier Award Decade one to remember! Thank you for participating. We hope you look forward to the awards as we do. Stay tuned for more news!

* By submitting your material, you declare that you are the owner of this content and no third-party rights apply. You also agree that Daimler AG can use this material for the purpose of communication on the Daimler Supplier Magazine Online. All rights of the material submitted have been aligned with the individuals depicted or described within the material (photos, pictures etc.).

Got Daimler Supplier Award memories? Share them with us!
Jan 29, 2018
Carsten Wiebel