Look at this, Korea!

KES - Korea Electronics Show 2017

KES – Korea Electronics Show. The largest electronics show in Korea. Procurement division of Mercedes-Benz Cars was there. Even with its own show stand. Mission: innovation scouting.

Visitors rub their eyes in disbelief. Cars at Korea’s largest electronics show? And what’s more, Mercedes-Benz, the leading premium brand? On closer inspection the amazement gives way to the realization that there are more and more electronics in our cars. And that the Korea Electronics Show (KES) in Seoul is certainly the right event for an automobile manufacturer. Especially when that manufacturer is in search of innovations. And in South Korea they are not only to be found among big names like Samsung and LG. An enormous number of start-ups are developing the technologies of tomorrow here. Those who have already been able to turn their intellectual capital into financial success are exhibitors at the KES. The small start-ups that are still developing their creative ideas are here as visitors. The KES with its 500 exhibitors and 70,000 visitors is therefore a perfect event for Procurement & Supplier Quality (MP) to carry out innovation scouting. Especially when you are the only automobile manufacturer showing your flag here.

KES - Korea Electronics Show 2017 - Stand of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Procurement and Supplier Quality
Magnetic attraction at the KES: the stand of Mercedes-Benz Cars Procurement & Supplier Quality.

The opening event shows how important the participation of Mercedes-Benz is to the show organizers. An audience of 600 comes to the auditorium for the “Opening Keynote”. Keynote speakers: Jochen Schaefers and Matthias Reiff. Both are from the procurement division of Mercedes-Benz Cars. And they have one message: we are here to seek out innovations. Klaus Zehender, Member of the Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Procurement & Supplier Quality, supports the mission: “Korean suppliers are at the forefront in the electronics sector, whether as established players or small start-ups.”

Listen, examine and shortlist. That is the order of the day on the Mercedes-Benz stand at the show right in the middle of swinging Gangnam. Those who have an interesting innovation to present can also do so unannounced in the confidential atmosphere of the three meeting rooms.

Four days at the Korea Electronics Show. Sometimes it is important to leave the stand and actively seek out innovations for oneself. And even though many an exhibit appears bizarre at first sight, the direct path to an objective is not always the most successful, and looking over the garden fence has never harmed anybody.