Knowing how


Ethical responsibility and business success go hand in hand. Daimler is convinced of this. The group also expects behavior of integrity from its business partners. The most important principles have once again been restated in a brochure.

What does Daimler expect from its suppliers? Adherence to schedules and quality are self-evident. Moreover, there are demands for upright behavior.
The new sustainability brochure “Ethical Business. Our Expectations of Business Partners,” defines the conventions for common moral values. It provides information on the requirements for work standards and human rights and describes practices related to business ethics, compliance, environmental protection, and safety standards.

Daimler sees integrity as an indispensable condition for trustful partnerships.

Daimler expects from its business partners to abide by these principles as well as all valid rules and laws. In this context, lack of knowledge does not give protection against penalties. That is why everyone is under an obligation to keep themselves informed about the relevant topics. If national or international laws, as well as industry standards, treat the same issues, the respective more stringent provisions always apply.

Knowing what has to be done

In the „Supplier Sustainability Standards“ Daimler summarizes the requirements for sustainable business activities on two pages. Binding principles for production suppliers and service providers around the world: Daimler’s partners enter into a commitment to observe the sustainability standards when they sign contractual agreements. This also means that they must inform their employees and their suppliers about these standards in order to ensure that they will also observe them. Support for this is provided by the Daimler Supplier Portal with targeted information and materials.

In the brochure „Responsibility – Focusing on Sustainability 2015“ interested business partners can find out more about specific measures, projects and initiatives at Daimler. From efficient vehicles to conservation of resources in production. There is still a lot to be done in the area of sustainability.

Infografik_Wir Verbessern die Umweltleistung
Daimler is producing more and consuming less – thanks to efficient techniques and highly effective administration of resources. Source: Daimler Responsibility – Focusing on Sustainability 2015
Aug 11, 2016
Florence Göckeritz