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Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland in Jawor, Poland is opening the Mercedes-Benz plant in 2019. It will meet the demand for high-efficiency engines in the global cars coordinated production system – and will be a standard for existing and new locations where renewable energy and innovative energy service providers will play an important role in the future.

“Mercedes-Benz Cars is setting the course for green vehicle production”, says Jens Eismann and Michael Graf from Energy and Fuels’ procurement department, “and we support the implementation of this strategy with the optimal selection of suppliers”. All German plants should have a CO2-neutral energy supply by the year 2022 and the climate-friendly production in Europe is to be consistently expanded. These measures are in line with the electric offensive, in which Mercedes-Benz Cars relies on local emission-free vehicles. And they are the first specific implementations of the Purpose Initiative: Since 2018, the car division of Daimler has been aiming for a long-term orientation of decisions and socially responsible action.

The plant in a planning stage.

1,000 workstations – zero emissions

Mercedes-Benz Cars is planning new manufacturing plants in Europe from the start with a CO2-neutral energy supply: currently a second plant in Kecskemét (Hungary), ‘Factory 56’ in Sindelfingen (Germany) and the plant in Jawor (Poland). The construction work is almost completed here and the operation will start in 2019. 1,000 employees will then manufacture high-tech engines in proven Mercedes-Benz quality – in a climate-friendly way. It is an ambitious goal for which the factory planner, the procurement team and two service providers developed an optimal solution.


Completely climate-friendly concept

What specifically does it actually mean to produce in a CO2-neutral manner? Buyer Jens Eismann explains it: “We do without coal-fired power completely and demonstrably and sustainably source electrical energy and heat from renewable sources”. His colleague Michael Graf adds: “But there is no magic formula for this. Whether wind, water, sun, organic matter or geothermal energy: Only certain options can be considered for each location, for example due to geographical conditions, the size of the plant and local availability”. For example, the two buyers from International Procurement Services (IPS) and the planning team together realized a tailor-made green energy concept for Jawor based on wind power and a pellet heating plant. In this heating plant, wood particles (pellets) are used as fuel and the resulting CO2-neutral heat is supplied to the new engine plant via a directly connected heat network.

The partnership with the selected electricity supplier convinces us economically and ecologically. The proximity of the wind farm to the Jawor engine plant also represents real added value for Daimler

Michael Graf, Daimler International Procurement Services, Procurement of Energy and Fuels


In the future, Jawor will purchase green electricity from a provider directly from the neighborhood. The wind farm of the energy service provider, which has been in existence since 2013, is only about 12 kilometers away from the plant. The powerful system provides the right power contingent to cover all of the needs of the Mercedes-Benz site economically and safely. And it does this even though the plant’s production area of 180,000 square meters has been increased by an additional 40,000 square meters at short notice. Flexibility is also on the agenda of Getec Heat & Power GmbH: Within the same time frame, the energy partner must adapt the pellet heating plant to the new size of the factory, complete the construction on time and supply the plant with CO2-neutral heat on time starting from the opening.

Buyers Jens Eismann (left) and Michael Graf (right) and the responsible specialist department selected two innovative energy service providers for the engine plant in Jawor, Poland.


The pellet heating plant provides Daimler with a sophisticated heat concept - and the service provider provides the experience, flexibility and reliability that we demand with our high standards of sustainability.

Jens Eismann, Daimler International Procurement Services, Procurement of Energy and Fuels


Buyer dialogue – global and green

In order to further support the strategy of climate-friendly production, Daimler’s procurement experts for energy and fuels met in June 2018 for an international workshop. Jens Eismann and Michael Graf exchanged expertise and supplier pools with colleagues from France, Spain, Romania and Hungary and elsewhere here. Already today, the smart plant in Hambach, France sources its entire power requirement from renewable energy sources, and Jawor is also a pioneer in green production.

Procurement and suppliers shape the turnaround

In the implementation of a further plant at the Kecskemét location and future projects, Daimler continues to build on innovative energy partners: with competences in the green energy sector who already have experience and presence in local markets or who want to and can take on the respective challenges. Potential partners have the opportunity to help shape the energy transition in car production and share in the common success – provided that they can meet the Mercedes-Benz top quality standards economically, flexibly and absolutely reliably. And the buyers Jens Eismann and Michael Graf highlight: “Anyone who convinces here with outstanding performance has the best chance of positioning themselves well in the longer term”.

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