Daimler and Other Automotive Manufacturers Offer Joint Supplier Training

Supplier trainings

Daimler is pioneer in sustainability training in Europe: The Company has been offering such training courses since 2010. Together with the associations and other manufacturers, Daimler aims at assisting suppliers around the globe in knowing and implementing social, ethical and environmental standards.

Daimler has provided 20 training courses in countries with increased sustainability risks since 2010; 2015 in South Africa, China and India. In addition, a sector-specific logistics forum will be offered for the first time in the coming year. Within the scope of the training, Daimler also considers local framework conditions, laws on working conditions, environmental standards and business ethics.

Overview of supplier training 2014/15
Daimler and other OEMs have already held their second workshop in China on sustainability in global supply chains.

Suppliers are provided with everything they need to know on these topics in one training day. A trainer and a local attorney qualify 30 to 50 participants. They are familiarized in detail with the sustainability standards including the requirements for management systems, and train their judgment on the basis of case studies.


The training courses are coordinated by the US Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and the European Automotive Working Group on Sustainability in the Supply Chain organized under the auspices of CSR Europe. They select the countries together with the other automotive manufacturers and after consultation with the Daimler purchasing units. Each OEM then invites its suppliers independently. This way, Daimler has already realized training in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Russia and Turkey.

Workshop in China
Daimler has provided supplier training around the globe since 2010.

Online learning

For further support of our suppliers in addition to the workshops and on-site trainings, Daimler is now offering an e-Learning training module. It is available free-of-charge and also takes into account the joint requirements of the other five automotive manufacturers Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, General Motors, Honda and Toyota. The web-based training is directed in particular to managers and staff responsible for sustainability as well as employees from Human Resources, Legal and Environmental Protection units. They basically learn what sustainability means for the automotive industry, how it is implemented in the supply chain and what sustainability standards apply for suppliers.


Companies can register for the training on the website of AIAG: www.aiag.org. In the download area suppliers will find the link to the module and the English-language instruction on how they can register for the e-Learning.

AIAG Elearning
The e-Learning module for suppliers presents the requirements of six automotive manufacturers.

The training takes about 45 minutes and is available in German, English and four other languages. After registering, suppliers can use the module flexibly for sixty days. And once they complete the program, they obtain a certificate.

Jan 20, 2016
Janine Thiele, Florence Göckeritz