Future Mobility? We deliver!

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Digitization and connectivity are turning the automotive industry upside down. Daimler AG is also promoting this development: with the four future ideas CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric). These are revolutionizing mobility as we know it now. It also brings new fundamental requirements for purchasing and suppliers – it's time for us and our partners to reorient ourselves.

Our customers are already closely connected with their vehicles today. Digital services support them on board, for instance with navigation, with traffic jam or accident warnings or regional weather information. Even offboard, outside the vehicle, the owner can call up functions and control them remotely. For instance, using “Mercedes me”, they can start the stationary heater, view maintenance intervals or carry out parking maneuvers – easily with their smartphone or PC. Software applications, like the “EQ Ready App” support them in the selection of a vehicle and bridge the dealership and the buyer. And this is all just the start.

Classical and innovative know-how

The digital revolution is in full swing. In vehicles, as well as in production and processes. This also changes the collaboration between Daimler and the suppliers. IT procurement, in particular, is developing rapidly. New purchasing scopes and cooperations with clients are coming into being. To meet these demands, in June 2017 the department “Connectivity & Mobility Services Procurement ” was created within the IPS organization. It is managed by Paulo Ribeiro Monteiro, who is responsible for the procurement of digital innovation topics with his team leaders Jochen Steinhart and Thomas Schmidt: they bring their established purchasing experience and experience in the IT environment.

We see ourselves as a catalyst for innovation. In the future, everything will depend on innovative and quick suppliers. This also provides opportunities for young companies with extraordinary ideas.

Paulo Ribeiro Monteiro, Head of Daimler Connectivity & Mobility Services Procurement

“Connectivity & Mobility Services Procurement” is responsible for the connectivity procurement for Digital Vehicle and Digital Customer. Jochen Steinhart and his team are responsible for the procurement of the offboard functions – these are the systems that can also be operated outside cars, vans and trucks. This also includes the cloud infrastructure: the central element in which all data come together. Under the leadership of Thomas Schmidt, the experts procure IT scopes in the CASE environment and all along the Digital Customer Experience. Services have already been carried out for “Mercedes me connect” and the Digital Customer Journey.

Thanks to our agile work method and our access to the established global organization of IPS, we can encounter the highly innovative supplier landscape, which consists of start-ups and global players, as the situation demands.

Thomas Schmidt, Team Leader Daimler Procurement Digital Customer

What’s different, then, compared to the previous IT sourcing? With a view to customer demands, the new department is procuring everything from one source. This includes all connectivity scopes in the end-to-end responsibility – from cloud backend to the application programming for the sales and aftersales area. Procurements for the digitization of the vehicle and customer experience can thereby be comprehensively planned and quickly implemented. Side by side with the appropriate suppliers.

Collaboration: Innovative

To optimally support the digital revolution at Daimler, “Connectivity & Mobility Services Procurement“ works mostly on site in the customer specialist areas and are included in regular meetings of important business partners. Thanks to the timely project integration and cross-team cooperation, the procurement department is directly at the digital pulse: Know-how, ideas and requirements are quickly exchanged at a rapid pace; Solutions are quickly implemented.

New and established suppliers in focus

On the way to future mobility, production and development cycles for hardware and software are getting shorter and shorter. We need to keep up with them. The goal is more flexible, more secure IT procurement processes. In this regard, the suppliers are still very important: as partners, trendsetters, drivers of innovation. However, the playing field has become larger. New companies and start-u[s are being added to the established suppliers.


The department will be changing up the supplier landscape. We’re looking for quick, innovative and trustworthy partners. To find the right suppliers for each project, the procurement experts, together with the specialist department, are creating a set of goals. Technology, innovation, quality, costs, deadlines and legal aspects are being balanced out here. The selection is based on multi-dimensional criteria, which all need to be fulfilled.

We aren't just ensuring that the vehicles are connected. We are also connecting ourselves with business partners and suppliers. In this way, we can respond flexibly to dynamic requirements. This is a flexibility that we also expect from our suppliers.

Jochen Steinhart, Team Leader Daimler Procurement Digital Vehicle.

An important aspect is the innovative force of suppliers. Excellent quality continues to be of central importance. The same applies for agility, rapid implementation, attractive cost items and being able to work together as Partners. And the advantages for suppliers? The IT procurement teams focus on and drive forward digital topics, which accelerates the commissioning processes. In addition, suppliers have the chance to make an impression in the new department – and to shape the future of mobility together with Daimler.