Dandelion, Ice-Scrapers, and Nico Rosberg


New cars are presented elsewhere. But there's still plenty to see here. The Automechanika show in Frankfurt is the world's largest aftermarket show in the automotive sector. And the exhibits can certainly surprise, as our mini-tour confirms.

Those wanting to see it all in one day need three things: discipline, a good sense of direction, and stout shoes. 4820 exhibitors spread through 10 halls, some with several stories. Visitors to Automechanika need to cover quite a few miles. The physical effort involved seems to deter nobody: 136,000 visitors over five show days.


Whimsical discoveries

There is much to be seen by taking detours to the left and right of the major aisles. Where the stand rents are lower and the air conditioning does not work quite so reliably. Some of these detours might appear to be dangerous sometimes. By the way, who is liable if it will be raining brake disks?

The major automotive suppliers show their colors

The show stands of the major automotive suppliers are very much in evidence. Schaeffler, ZF, Continental. Two trophies are being put on the show stand of the last of these. This is because the “Tires from dandelions” project has received Automechanika awards in the categories “Innovation” and “Green”. In the future Continental plans to obtain some of the rubber used in car tires from the root of the dandelion. To this end Russian dandelions are to be planted near the tire plants. Work has been progressing on the research project for four years now, and the first small series of dandelion tires has already undergone driving trials.



Sep 20, 2016
Rasmus Muttscheller