Daimler Supplier Portal 2go


The Daimler Supplier Portal can now be accessed conveniently from anywhere. With the new app for smart phones and tablets changes in the Portal are now immediately visible, even when on the go. What is more, the Supplier Portal's user interface has also been given a "facelift".

The Daimler Supplier Portal now also has the look and feel of Daimler’s Corporate Design. Users can now access around 100 applications simply and conveniently via the user-friendly interface. Documents, downloads, and policies are also available more quickly. The revision also incorporated feedback from users of the Portal. 

A new user interface for the Daimler Supplier Portal.

Users can particularly look forward to another innovation: the Daimler Supplier Portal is now available “2go”. The Covisint Supplier Portal app now allows Daimler’s suppliers to effortlessly log in to the portal when they are on the go, and receive messages on their smart phones or tablets. This makes Daimler the first automotive company to offer a dedicated app for its suppliers.

The Covisint Supplier Portal app has been available from the App Stores (iOS and Android) since February 6.

Daimler Supplier Portal 2go

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