Instruments perfectly combined!


Speedometer, tachometer, fuel display and tachograph. What was sufficient for a long time is now nostalgia. Today, in addition to these basics, there is a great deal of information that must be available in the vehicle at any time. First and foremost, this includes digital services that make driving more convenient or more efficient. A wealth of data is collected today that wants to be meaningfully combined, especially in commercial vehicles.

Headquartered in Michigan, Stoneridge Inc. masters this combination with distinction. Stoneridge was honored with the Daimler Supplier Award 2017 in the partnership category (Global Procurement Trucks & Buses) for the international roll-out of “instrument clusters”.


Important data

Welcome to the digital future! Countless sensors record important data in  modern commercial vehicles, just as many electronic control units process this data before it is converted, for example, by actuators into mechanical motion. But this data provides much more information that can be used for a wide variety of tasks. It can be used, for example, to increase comfort in the vehicle, to monitor emission controls and fuel efficiency and to improve safety. Logically, what is recorded and processed “behind the scenes” must also be made visible in the backend. This requires the use of sophisticated instrument clusters. Stoneridge is specialized in this business.


A half a century: the path of the global player

Founded in 1965, Stoneridge Inc. is a global developer and manufacturer of world-class electrical and electronic components, modules and systems for the commercial vehicles, automotive, off-highway and agricultural vehicle markets. Today, the group employs more than 4,000 people, spread across more than 20 locations in 15 countries.


Stoneridge started to work with the first electronic instrument cluster for Daimler in 1992. Since then, instrument clusters have been designed, built and customized to meet customer-specific requirements with proven, advanced hardware and software platforms.

Figure of Stoneridge’s first CAN-based instrument cluster for the first generation of Actros Trucks.

The latest instrument clusters

Today, Stoneridge is a specialist in large volume commercial vehicle products and driver information systems. The instrument cluster is a key component of the driver’s daily work environment. This environment is increasingly relying on fully reconfigurable TFT display clusters with animated 3D graphics.


One for many!

Daimler and Stoneridge have achieved a special result: One instrument cluster for various brands. This supports Daimler’s desired global shared-part philosophy. No matter whether an instrument cluster is installed or replaced on Daimler trucks and buses, it always uses the same technology and electronics. Complemented by decisive advantages such as: High-resolution automotive TFT displays, user-friendly HMI and ergonomic designs, flexible voice and graphics support, and global presence in the sales and after-sales segment.



Stoneridge CEO Jonathan B. DeGaynor

The award is a recognition of the trust and partnership that has been built over the years between Daimler and Stoneridge. This is something we are very proud of within the entire Stoneridge team.

Three questions for Stoneridge CEO Jonathan DeGaynor.


Mr. DeGaynor, you obviously did everything right to design the best body electronics, the best instruments and telematics components. Together with Daimler, you have set a new benchmark here: Among all our brands, you have achieved a global strategy for the introduction of instrument clusters. On time, on budget and in all regions.


What is your secret to success?

To succeed in making global instrumentation platforms as the one for Daimler, we as a supplier need to be perfectly aligned across all continents of the world. Stoneridge is just that, our in-house engineering and manufacturing teams are well aligned and are collaborating at a high level when providing solutions to our customers.


What particular hurdle did you have to master?

A single, common technical solution that meets all Daimler brand expectations, that was the commitment to Daimler. This is truly a challenge when combining needs from Europe, North America and Japan, three geographical areas with very different local requirements. Together with Daimler we mastered these challenges as one team using Stoneridge’s well established Instrument Cluster platform.


How did the award get to your team?

The award is a recognition of the trust and partnership that has been built over the years between Daimler and Stoneridge. This is something we are very proud of within the entire Stoneridge team.


Congratulations Mr. DeGaynor on the Daimler Supplier Award. We are pleased that you have received this award.

Award handover of the Daimler Supplier Award 2017 at the Mercedes-Benz Customer Centre in Sindelfingen, Germany on Feb. 28, 2018. From left to right: Martin Daum, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG. Daimler Trucks and Buses; Jon DeGaynor, President and CEO, Stoneridge, Inc.; Dr. Marcus Schoenenberg, Vice President Procurement Daimler Trucks and Buses. Daimler AG.

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