Daimler Supplier Award for top performance

Daimler Supplier Award

For the eleventh time, Daimler will be presenting the Daimler Supplier Award for top performance to its best suppliers on February 20, 2019. This was a reason and occasion to take a more detailed look at the Daimler Supplier Award itself, the winners and the event in a Fact Folio .

A unique way to measure emotions.


Just for fun, if you multiply the duration of the event, which is 240 minutes, by the number of participants, you would end up with 120,000 individual minutes of emotions and perceptions in the room! Every year, Daimler AG recognizes the above-average performance and collaborative partnerships of its best suppliers with the Daimler Supplier Award. 500 guests are invited to this event. The excitement of all participants will be heightened during the event. Who will have the honor of accepting this year’s coveted trophy?

The 100 best.


During the 10 years of the Daimler Supplier Award, a total of 100 winners have graced the stage of the most successful suppliers. 100 companies have been honored with the award, which recognizes them for innovation, quality and collaborative partnerships. Discover the best 10 x 10 here.


Cables. Lights. Water. And more…


House lights off, stage lights on! This large event has to be planned meticulously before the award stage curtain draws open once again. Preparations begin ten months in advance. All the preparations, including briefings, location checks, program presentations, coordination meetings, rehearsals, require careful consideration. The event team grows as time goes on. Over 100 persons will be working on the special evening. During previous events, approx. 12 kilometers of cable were routed, 400 spotlights were installed and 100 microphones were set up on standby. Unsurprisingly, all team members worked up quite a sweat. Once again, on this special evening in 2019, 1000 liters of water will be provided to quench the thirst of those who will also make the next award event what the participants claim it is: A benchmark!


Powerfully motivated.


An award winner needs to be able to lift exactly 1950 grams (4.3 lbs.) if they receive the coveted trophy. After ten years of awards, the winners of the Supplier Award 2017 received a completely redesigned trophy. For one thing, the new design is a symbol of departure to the next chapter of mobility in which top performance and the ability to innovate will be in higher demand than ever before. On the other hand, the new design of the award aesthetically underscores the importance of trusting and cooperative partnerships.


Welcome to the group of ten.


This is the number of Daimler Supplier Award trophies. They consist of the three purchasing departments “Mercedes-Benz Cars Procurement and Supplier Quality“, “International Procurement Services” and “Global Procurement Trucks & Buses“. Within each of these departments, best entries in the three categories of quality, partnership and innovation are determined. “+ 1” represents the Special Award in the category of “Innovation”, which is a prize that spans departments. To sum up, there will once again be 10 awards in 2019 which will be awarded to the best of the year for 2018.

There will be more on the Daimler Supplier Award on the evening of February 20, 2019, and then afterward here in the Daimler Supplier Magazine Online. Subscribe here to our E-Mail newsletter and never miss an update again.

This is the Daimler Supplier Award

In the eleventh edition, on the 20th of February 2019 in Stuttgart it will go like this: “And the Daimler Supplier Award goes to…” On this evening, Daimler will thank more than 500 strategic partners and key suppliers of Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks & Buses as well as Materials & Services for their innovative cooperation as partners. The highlight of the evening will come when ten selected suppliers receive the Daimler Supplier Award for their exceptional performances. Click for more information about the Daimler Supplier Award.

Feb 15, 2019
Stefan Sieber, Carsten Wiebel