Partners for a half century


For over 50 years, WABCO Holdings Inc. has been an important strategic partner of Daimler AG. Recently, the supplier received the Daimler Supplier Award for its successful collaboration.

Founded around 150 years ago, WABCO develops innovative solutions in the areas of driver assistance, brake systems, aerodynamics, suspension, stability control and transmission automation. The company is one of the top Daimler suppliers in the commercial vehicle sector. The two companies have been partners over 50 years. For a successful cooperation, the supplier earned the Daimler Supplier Award in February 2017. A critical factor in awarding WABCO the prize was the outstanding dedication of the company around the globe. WABCO was thoroughly impressive, particularly in the areas of electronic brake systems, safety equipment and drive Units.

The WABCO team always meets its commitments, even in challenging times. I have rarely met a partner who understands the value of joint success as well as WABCO does. That is what strategic partnership is all about.

Dr. Marcus Schoenenberg, Daimler Head of Global Procurement Trucks & Buses

It is an incredible honor to receive Daimler’s top Supplier Award on behalf of the entire WABCO team worldwide. Our passion to build on more than 50 years of strategic partnership with Daimler Trucks burns stronger than ever as we contribute industry-leading safety and efficiency technologies. The Daimler Supplier Award 2016 powerfully demonstrates our sustained differentiation as a supplier in the dynamic commercial vehicle industry.

Jacques Esculier, WABCO Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

It all began with the air brake

The roots of the company lie in the USA. The invention of the pneumatic brake by George Westinghouse in 1869, which was used in railways at the time, was a technological breakthrough. In the same year, he founded the “Westinghouse Air Brake Company”, abbreviated as WABCO. In 1934, WABCO’s branch office in Hanover developed a technology that, thanks to Westinghouse, was already in use in railways and passenger cars: an air brake for commercial vehicles. Through this step, WABCO brought a groundbreaking technology to the market.


Diverse Mercedes-Benz trucks are equipped with WaABCO’s air disk brake MAXX™. The special feature of this air disk brake? It is based on the WABCO MAXX single-piston technology. Compared to other air disk brakes this innovative development uses 25 percent fewer parts!

To continued, successful collaboration! Sven Ennerst (left), Daimler Head of Truck Product Engineering & Global Procurement, and Jacques Esculier.

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Jun 07, 2017
Büsra Uslu