Buying smart: proQ

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It has been a quarter of a century since the introduction of the first procurement system in the group. The number of colleagues and locations is not the only thing that has grown massively – the parts complexity and volume of buy have done the same. As a result, the existing system is stretched to its limits.

That is why in July 2016 Daimler AG cleared the way for a new system landscape in Procurement. It is called proQ and stands for: procurement intelligence – or, in plain terms, for: buying smart.


The project team is working internationally, agilely, and in close contact with the software suppliers. Just five months after the start of the Daimler project, the first module of the new procurement system landscape was rolled off the production line. Overall, proQ consists of seven modules that replace the current, fragmented procurement system landscape. With the start of the first software release in the contract management module in April 2017, the successive rollout at Daimler began.

Since the beginning of September, international buyers have been sending initial requests for quotations (RfQs) and contracts to suppliers via the new functionalities in Source Package (proQ) and eDocs (proQ). The changes in the software are visible for these as expanded system features.


What the new features offer:


  • a more modern and intuitive operation,
  • additional types of contract, which suppliers confirm electronically,
  • and a newly designed interface for the electronic submission of tenders.


Suppliers use the new functions automatically via their COVISINT access in the Daimler Supplier Portal – as soon as the responsible Daimler buyer creates a procedure for one of the applications’ user and triggers a request. Further information for suppliers can be retrieved from the DocMaster section on the Daimler Supplier Portal. The underlying framework agreements remain valid.


The features in the two systems Source Package (proQ) and eDocs (proQ) will be gradually optimized and expanded. Here in the Daimler Supplier Magazine Online, readers will regularly learn everything they need to know about the new procurement system and the further rollout.