#digitalUs: Daimler in the Digital Transformation

DigitalLife Day 2017: Daimler is shaping future mobility

With more than 40 speakers on topics like transformation, collaboration and fail’n’learn, stimulating and interactive podium discussions at the DigitalLife Day 2017. This year, the event organizers placed the main emphasis on the topics of idea pitching and crowdfunding.

For example in today’s world of work, employee collaboration, and co-determination is encouraged through crowdfunding. All employees can meet virtual investment decisions within the company, which in the end can lead to material project budgets and implementation of ideas.


What opportunities does Daimler see for itself, what solutions and approaches are already in place in the group, and what new ideas are there for the digital future? The participants in DigitalLife Day 2017 dealt with these questions. In addition, the day offered the participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with more than 30 digital products and services, which represent Daimler’s strategic orientation, and to even test some of them on site.

Pitching the best ideas for the implementation budget

Employees from the Daimler Group were called upon to submit their digital ideas and to find as many followers as possible for them. The ten best ideas were pitched at DigitalLife Day: There were five-minute presentations and the opportunity to answer critical questions from the jury. As many as four of the pitch ideas had to do with the world of car2go.

If you give precise instructions, the best you can hope for is what you expected. If you give the team more freedom, ideas may arise that go much, much further. The purpose of the DigitalLife Day is to find and promote exactly these kinds of ideas.

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz Cars

In the future, it should be possible to combine car and ride sharing, and thus to bring individual mobility activities together in real time. This is how the “Car2go²” team pitched their idea. The implementation of the winning idea will take place in the next step.

DigitalLife Day 2017: Daimler is shaping future mobility

DigitalLife Day @Daimler: information, innovation, and inspiration!


The full bandwidth of the digital transformation on four stages: #transform, #ideate, #collaborate, and #Change. In addition, on 32 market stands from China, USA, and India, the participants could inform themselves about digitalization initiatives in the group.
The variety was enormous: from the integration of augmented reality in vehicles at “Global Training meets VR Center”, or “DigitalCollaboration@MB Vans”, and all the way to top talented trainees in the “Future Training Workshop”. Other highlights such as “Virtual Paint”, or “Industry 4.0”, as well as new mobility solutions at “Croove”, “car2go”, or “moovel”, and intelligent fleet management solutions by “EvoBus” and “Fleetboard” were also provided as inspiration for the digital natives.
The participants eagerly used the opportunity to enter into contact with speakers and digitization experts from all over the world and to network for future collaboration. The invited speakers included – among others – Markus Brandl (Bayer AG), Gijs van der Hulst (Google’s Niantic Labs), Christof Hellmis (HERE Deutschland GmbH), Katharina Krentz (Bosch) and John Stepper (WorkingOutLoud).

DigitalLife Day 2017: Daimler is shaping future mobility
Talk with Zetsche and Diekmann: Recognized experts for "DigitalLife".


DigitalLife@Daimler – a digitization strategy


Daimler has been following the topic of digitization on a consistent basis for a long time and has made it into a core element of the corporate strategy. The goal of DigitalLife@Daimler is to drive the digital transformation and make the culture of innovation tangible.

DigitalLife@Daimler is supporting numerous digital projects in the business units and promotes active dialog between employees, Top Management, and the Board of Management. This is facilitated by – among others – the DigitalLife Community and the DigitalLife-Blog as well as by events, open spaces and hackathons, at which employees develop new apps within an extremely short time.


Jun 27, 2017
Josephine Speer