Awarded Decoration

Minth: Winner of the Daimler Supplier Award

Minth decorates cars. With trim parts. And Minth is decorated with the Daimler Supplier Award.

Minth. Automobile supplier. Specialist for exterior trim parts. 16,000 employees. 41 production sites in 6 countries. It all started in China in 1992 with the Minth Autoparts Company. The first small production facility was located on the outskirts of Ningbo. It is a port city 200 kilometers south of Shanghai. Company founder Jong Hwa Chin received the Daimler Supplier Award from Mercedes-Benz Cars 26 years later as CEO and Chairman of the Minth Group. The award he received is in the category “Partnership” for outstanding commitment and a trusting cooperation. It also honors Minth’s commitment to overcoming technological and business challenges.

Minth: Jong Hwa Chin with Daimler Supplier Award trophy
Jong Hwa Chin, CEO and President of the Minth Group with the Daimler Supplier Award.

What exactly are exterior trim parts? Strictly speaking, these are add-on parts that enhance the exterior design of a vehicle. On the cover picture at the top, you can see exactly what Minth produces. So, parts like the roof railing, the edge trim strip and the handle strip of the trunk lid. Main material: aluminum.

Minth invests heavily in order to be able to permanently join the ranks of premium suppliers. Not only when it comes to production technology, but also with regard to their own employees. With emphasis on employee development. Minth has its own school system, regular training courses and fresh fruit and vegetables. They are grown in the factory’s own greenhouses and delivered fresh to the factory canteens. Traditional Chinese medicine understood the importance of food and drink. This can be found in a textbook that is more than 1400 years old: “In order for the body to maintain its balance and harmony, it is only necessary to ensure proper nutrition.”

Jong Hwa Chin, CEO and President of the Minth Group, is delighted to receive the Daimler Supplier Award. For him, it goes without saying that the successful partnership with Mercedes-Benz Cars will be continued. More intensively than ever, because in the future, factories will not only be sourced from China.

Feb 29, 2020
Rasmus Muttscheller