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Maximum passion and innovative highlights. All after over 40 years of partnership. Novem Car Interior Design GmbH develops and produces outstanding trims for vehicle interiors.

If it were a marriage, the couple would be looking towards celebrating their golden wedding anniversary soon. The partnership between Daimler AG and Novem Car Interior Design GmbH was established in the mid 1970s. Some marriages may suffer a lack of passion after a while, but this collaboration of over 40 years continues to reach new heights. The most recent example is the “Flowing Lines” trim finish in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

daimler-supplier-novem-production-flowing lines
Plenty of manual labor involved in the "Flowing Lines" production at Novem.

“Flowing Lines” underscores that innovatively strong products need not always originate from the electrical or electronic sector. Thanks to new technologies, material combinations and finishes Novem manages to re-generate wood as a natural raw material over and over again. For this reason, the company was awarded with the “Daimler Supplier Award” in the “Innovation” category. “The award is proof of the appreciation on which the many years of trusting collaboration with Daimler is based,” Günter Brenner, CEO at Novem Car Interior Design, happily announced. Klaus Zehender, Member of the Divisional Board Procurement & Supplier Quality (MP), Mercedes-Benz Cars adds: “The crucial factor is that the performance-based partnership with our suppliers is not just a phrase on a sheet of paper. Partnerships must be relived, every day.”

Daimler Supplier Award. From left to right: Dieter Zetsche, Günther Brenner (CEO Novem) and Klaus Zehender.

Novem is a world leader in high-quality trims and decorative functional elements in vehicle interiors. High-quality materials, such as wood, carbon fiber and leather are used for door panels, center consoles, and instrument panels. Novem employs a workforce of over 5,200 employees at eleven sites on three continents. The German company was established in 1947 by Ernst Pelz in Geretsried, 40 kilometers south of Munich. In the beginning, the focus was on the production of windows and doors for domestic purposes, the company soon moved on to vehicle interior parts, such as wooden steering wheels. In the 1960s the market expanded and design became increasingly more important in the vehicle interior. Peter Pelz, son of the company’s founder, took over a furniture factory in 1966 in Vorbach. Novem’s current headquarters are based in this community in Bavaria with a population of 1,000.

Innovations from the province – Novem headquarters in Vorbach/Bavaria.

Keeping up the research and driving it further each time. That’s how innovation develops. “Flowing Lines” trims in the new E-Class are a joint development of Novem and Mercedes-Benz. This project was launched in 2011. The challenge for Novem was to turn the designers ideas into reality. A host of prototypes were developed for this purpose. The basis was high-quality wood with milled grooves, additive-treated with polyurethane. Decisive factors when milling genuine wood: milling speed, cutting angle, and the milling heads themselves. This resulted in the “Flowing Lines” trim finish as an innovative interior design in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Jul 11, 2016
Rasmus Muttscheller