Always inventing. Always delivering.

Always inventing. Always delivering.

With this as its credo, ThoughtWorks develops customer-centered systems and applications for Mercedes-Benz dealers in China. The goal: satisfied car dealers, optimized sales experiences. The international technology consulting company received the coveted Daimler Supplier Award as the most innovative partner.

The sales experience of the future

EQ Boost, PRE SAFE, head-up display, Energizing PLUS package—buying a car is a complex decision. Customers need well-founded consultation to be able to select the right Mercedes-Benz vehicle from the wide range of models, equipment packages and financing variants. Salespeople must focus all their attention on customers and their needs. This necessitates an intuitive service platform that supports the sales process flexibly and gives the salesperson time for person-to-person support. Only a vision?


Together with ThoughtWorks’ designers, business consultants and software developers, Mercedes-Benz makes the sales experience of the future a reality: Focusing on the customer, ThoughtWorks delivered the One Touch Retail (OTR) system in just six months. This system covers the entire sales process—from prospective customer management offer and order processing to vehicle delivery. This mobile retail tool has been used by all Mercedes-Benz dealers in China since the start of 2017.

Apps and systems from ThoughtWorks

The OTR digital sales assistant is only one of the countless initiatives that ThoughtWorks has designed and delivered over the past three years as a Daimler partner in China. With a total of 14 projects geared toward the digital transformation, over 120 ThoughtWorks consultants supported Daimler on site. Another project is Mercedes-Benz E-commerce (MBE), one of the first e-commerce platforms in China’s premium vehicle segment. MBE allows customers to explore and configure their Mercedes-Benz car online, find a dealer and place an order. ThoughtWorks designed MBE in collaboration with customers and dealers using design thinking methodology and launched the platform in seven months. MBE provides a new direct channel to interact with customers and to generate high quality leads for dealers.

Innovative partner for the digital transformation

The result? Satisfied automobile customers and optimized sales and aftersales experiences! With OTR, MBE and other customer-centered and innovative applications, such as in block chain, location-based services, parts trading and MB Broadcast, China has become a pioneer, taking on a leading role in the Mercedes-Benz Sales and Aftersales organization.


MB Broadcast is an integrated dealer portal to achieve streamlined and targeted communication between Mercedes-Benz and dealers. It will gradually integrate current and new dealer-facing systems and apps with a single sign-on and provide more functionalities to enhance the way of organizing and running the business. This success has been shaped in part by the exceptionally innovative supplier ThoughtWorks.


ThoughtWorks is a leading, global technology consulting company with more than 5,000 employees in 14 countries. Its headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois (USA). In Germany, ThoughtWorks has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. ThoughtWorks develops its own apps and software and views itself as a community of software designers, strategists and industry experts who take on and conquer complex challenges. The technology consulting company also integrates design thinking methods, user experience design and agile software development with the appropriate technologies, generating unique digital product solutions rapidly as a result. The successful partnership is set apart by ThoughtWorks’ out-of-the-box software development approach combined with the experience of Daimler teams. Both are good reasons to really recognize this company with the Daimler Supplier Award.

Always inventing. Always delivering.
Always dedicated, always commited: the whole team of Thoughtworks. Very happy just having received the Daimler Supplier Award for their work.

We are incredibly proud and feel deeply honored to have been selected for this prestigious award. It has been very exciting and rewarding to work alongside the Daimler teams in China and to support the digital solutions for this iconic brand. The partnership with Daimler delivered stellar results because both their and our teams are driven by ambitious goals.

Guo Xiao, Chief Executive Officer, ThoughtWorks

Faster, more dynamic and more flexible together

Daimler AG gives out the Daimler Supplier Award once a year for above-average performances and collaboration in partnerships with suppliers. This year marks the tenth round of awards. Daimler is developing new collaboration models to satisfy the dynamic requirements of the digital world. Andreas Burkhart, Head of International Procurement Services, presented the ‘Innovation’ category award to Guo Xiao, Chief Executive Officer of ThoughtWorks.

ThoughtWorks always finds 'out-of-the-box' approaches for developing new apps and systems. The IT consulting company is the benchmark for agile development and truly a trendsetting partner. This is why they are being awarded the Daimler Supplier Award 2017 in the category Innovation.

Andreas Burkhart, Head of International Procurement Services, Daimler AG.

2. Bild Gewinnerbild DSA
Andreas Burkhart, Head of International Procurement Services, Daimler AG (left) and Wilfried Porth, Member of the Board of Management at Daimler AG, Human Resources and Labor Relations Director, IT & Mercedes-Benz Vans (right) congratulate the award winner Guo Xiao (center), Chief Executive Officer, ThoughtWorks.

The next chapter of a strong partnership

ThoughtWorks offers high quality and short delivery times for agile software development. More than that, the international technology consulting company features exceptionally innovative product solutions that are very competitive. This service and the resounding success of its development of customer-centered retail applications is unique in this field. This type of digital innovation will be even more important in the future. Daimler and ThoughtWorks plan to continue this great collaboration.

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