Daimler Stakeholder Survey 2017

Daimler wants to further improve its sustainability performance. To achieve that, your opinion and feedback on our sustainability management is crucial for us. We therefore invite you to be part of Daimler’s materiality analysis 2017. We want to gain deeper insights in how you rate the importance of different sustainability topics and our performance.To respond to our short sustainability survey please click the link below. Your answers will remain anonymous and it will take only a few minutes to click through the survey. The results will be published in our next Daimler Sustainability Report. In case you wish to be informed about the results in advance, you can enter your email address at the end of the survey.

Access to the survey

Sustainability Report 2016 – digital and interactive

"We expect our suppliers all over the world to take on responsibility in all areas related to sustainability, just as we do at Daimler." As in every year, a separate chapter of the Sustainability Report has been devoted to the cooperation between Daimler and its suppliers. The Sustainability Report for 2016 is now online!

Daimler Sustainability Report 2016

It’s Competition Time Again! Daimler is Sending out Invitations to the Daimler Supplier Awards Ceremony

Jan 13, 2017

On February 23 it will be that time again: Daimler is inviting its most important suppliers to the Mercedes-Benz Center in Stuttgart for a winners' gala. The gala is being attended by all suppliers classed by Daimler as Strategic Partners or Key Suppliers for 2017, with about 450 high-ranking representatives from around 400 companies. These include 27 companies that have been nominated for the Daimler Supplier Award. Outstanding performances in the categories of Quality, Partnership, and Innovation are recognized. A Special Award will also be presented. The well-known German anchorwoman Judith Rakers will guide through the evening in keeping with the motto of "Focus on excellence."The guests received their invitations by e-mail on January 13, 2017. Strategic Partners and Key Suppliers can register for the event using a registration link by January 27. The Daimler Supplier Awards are being held for the 9th time in 2017.

Save the date for the Daimler Supplier Award

Oct 18, 2016

At the Daimler Supplier Award ceremony in Stuttgart on February 23, 2017, Daimler honors outstanding performances in innovation, quality and partnership. More than 600 international guests are expected at the event, amongst them 450 high-ranking supplier representatives and 150 Daimler top managers from all business units. Suppliers are classified based on the supplier cooperation model Daimler Supplier Network. Only those who have been rated as Strategic Partners or Key Suppliers due to their performance throughout the past business year will receive an invitation to the event. On Friday, Daimler’s most important suppliers – Strategic Partners and Key Suppliers – received the save the date e-mail for the Daimler Supplier Award. They will be requested to register for the event in mid-January. Should an invitee not be able to attend, he or she may appoint a representative. Furthermore, Strategic Partners will have the option of bringing a companion.

Things You Should Know

Sep 07, 2016

Strategic partners, established or potential suppliers. Knowing the strategy and projects of Daimler AG is important to all. In the printed edition of the Daimler Supplier Magazine (DSM), we report on long-term and medium-term issues at Daimler and its three procurement units once a year. The new 2016/17 issue is hot off the press. The special focus is on digitalization and connectivity. If you would like to learn more, you can register for a free subscription by email to: dsn@daimler.com. You'll find the PDF version in the Daimler Supplier Portal starting next week.

DSM at Daimler Supplier Portal

Sustainability Report 2015 – digital and interactive

The Sustainability Report for 2015 is online! Daimler takes stock of its business operations: in terms of economics as well as relating to environmental and social aspects. Besides, for the first time, you can find more information about targets already achieved, measures and initiatives in the brochure “Responsibility – Focusing on Sustainability 2015”.

Link to the Sustainability Report 2015 and the brochure “Responsibility – Focusing on Sustainibility 2015”.

Contracts in eDocs mailbox

Jan 10, 2016

From March 2016, following purchase contracts, further contracts issued by Commercial Vehicles Procurement at Daimler will be approved electronically worldwide. Therefore eDocs suppliers of Global Procurement Trucks and Buses (TP/G) will also receive these contractual documents via their inbox. Once a supplier has confirmed a contract electronically, it will be legally binding. There can be local exemptions prescribed by law. In those cases, suppliers will receive hard-copy contracts for signature as before. The eApprove process will be comprehensively rolled-out in Global Procurement Trucks and Buses until May 2016. If suppliers need more information, they can benefit from a manual provided in the Downloads section of the Daimler Supplier Portal. The user help desk will also assist in case of general questions.

Link to Download section of Daimler Supplier Portal